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UCL, Europa League, and Conference money are disclosed


The money to be allocated across European tournaments in the 2021/22 season has been disclosed by L’Equipe.

All the money that is awarded in the Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League are one of the best-kept secrets of every season, according to L’Equipe. UEFA has boosted the payouts for the win and qualifying for the following season, maybe as a result of the Super League or more broadcast income.

Champions League

Reaching for the group stages will earn each team more than €15 million, an increase of €390,000 over the previous season. Each club will receive €2.8 million for each win in the group rounds. A tie is worth €930,000, which is the same as it was in 2020/21. Teams will earn €9.6 million if they make it to the round of 16, €10.6 million if they make it to the quarter-finals, €12.5 million if they make it to the semi-finals, and €15.5 million if they make it to the final. The prize money increases from €19 million to €20 million for the winner.

Europa League

The Europa League’s prize money budget will reduce from €510 million to €465 million, despite the Champions League has a greater budget than the previous season. It is, however, a better bargain for the clubs that participate. Because the number of competitors has been reduced from 48 to just 32, teams will win more money correspondingly.

Previously, getting into the group stage was worth €2.92 million, but now it is worth €3.63 million. Each club will receive €630,000 if they win, and €210, 000 if they tie. Being in charge of a group earns you an extra €1.1 million.

Conference League

At first appearance, the new competitor may appear to be less appealing than the previous two. While there will be less money involved, it will also pay out a substantial sum: €235 million among the 32 players. Those that advance to the group stage will get over €3 million. Each win is worth €500,000, while a tie is worth €166,000.

The first-place prize in the group stage is €650,000, while the second-place prize is €325,000. According to L’Equipe, the winner would get €8.9 million, which might be a mistake because it is higher than the sum granted to the champion of the Europa League (€8.5 million).

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