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After Atlético Madrid won LaLiga, Suárez criticized Koeman


Luis Suárez slammed Josep Maria Bartomeu and Ronald Koeman as he reminisced on Atletico Madrid’s LaLiga triumph.

Following of winning LaLiga with Atlético Madrid, Luis Suárez blasted Ronald Koeman for his lack of personality, as well as former Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

With six great seasons at Camp Nou, the 34-year-old striker was controversially permitted to depart for domestic rivals Atlético Madrid. Suárez is crucial to Atlético Madrid’s title victory.

Suárez retaliated by scoring 21 goals in 32 league games for Atleti, including two in the club’s last two games, which included crucial victories against Osasuna and Real Valladolid.

His second goal was the game-winner, and he managed to score 22 goals for the season. The Uruguayan striker has spoken openly about how saddened he was by his departure from Barça and has taken a fresh look at the situation after displaying his emotions when Atleti won the title.

Uruguayan attacker has spoken openly about how saddened he was by his departure from Barça and has taken a fresh look at the situation after displaying his emotions when Atleti won the title.

Tears of joy after winning LaLiga

Suárez told El Partidazo de COPE: “The tears were of happiness. It was because of the situation.

“I will always be grateful to Barcelona and I’m never going to go against Barcelona, they have given me everything and allowed me to get to the elite.

“But obviously the president [Bartomeu] said everything in the press instead of calling me.

“Then the moment they wanted Leo [Messi] to stay they called me to use me to convince him, to talk to [Antoine] Griezmann – so why didn’t they call me when they wanted me to leave?

“Or why did the coach not come and tell me that he does not count on me because he wants another type of striker?

“Koeman told me I wasn’t in his plans, then he said, ‘If we don’t figure this out by tomorrow, you’re back in my plans and I’m counting on you against Villarreal’.

“I saw then that the man had no personality. He was not strong enough to tell me I was not needed. The decision [to sell] came from the board.

No one [from Barca’s management has] congratulated me, but I nearly sent them a photo!”

Suárez will remain in the Spanish capital.

Suárez said that departing Atleti prior to next season would be “impossible,” the club’s confirmed that he will stay for the second year of his contract if he wishes.

Meanwhile, Diego Simeone, the manager of Atlético Madrid, has spoken about the circumstances surrounding Suarez’s signing, claiming that he would not pass up the opportunity.

“I met a man. I expected nothing less,” Simeone told ESPN about Suárez.

“I was very happy from the first day I spoke with him, I had already spoken with him when he was at Liverpool, in an effort for him to sign with us but he chose Barcelona.

“And when the possibility [for Atlético to sign him] appeared, the club called me and said, ‘What do you think about the possibility of Luis Suárez coming?‘ and I replied, ‘Are you serious?’ Don’t ask me, let’s go for it, let me talk to him’.

“When I spoke to him, the first thing I said to him was, ‘Look, Luis, we need to win, and you want to win, the door is open.

“There are players who are chosen with the magic wand, like Suárez, he is a winner.

“He came with all the questions about his departure at Barcelona and arrived with a rebellion of a 20-year-old boy, with an enthusiasm, wanting to show that he was a force.

“And when a guy who is used to winning, joins a team that needs to win” concluded Diego Simeone.

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