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Lionel Messi claims that he joined PSG in order to win his fifth Champions League trophy


Last week, Lionel Messi left Barcelona after 21 years because the Spanish club could not afford to complete the five-year contract they had negotiated with the 34-year-old.

Messi joined PSG on a two-year agreement on Tuesday and claims Neymar and Mauricio Pochettino influenced his choice.

Lionel Messi has admitted that he left Barcelona to join Paris Saint-Germain because he feels they offer him the best opportunity of winning the Champions League for the fifth time.

When it became obvious that his time at the Nou Camp was coming to an end, the six-time Ballon d’Or winner confessed that his former Barcelona teammate Neymar helped persuade him to join PSG.

On Tuesday, Messi agreed to a two-year deal with PSG, only days after Barcelona revealed he would be leaving the club he joined 21 years ago.

Despite the turmoil, the attacker believes he is now focused on delivering success to Paris, notably in the Champions League, which has so far missed them.

“I think this squad is already done and ready,” Messi remarked when asked if PSG, who finished second in 2020, could reach the last step.

“I merely came to provide a hand, and I’ll do my best.”

“It isn’t easy.” This is football; even if you have the finest squad in the world, you may not win the Champions League.

“Paris has been on the verge of winning the Champions League. The best teams compete in the finest competition.

“Winning it is really difficult. You’ll need a well-coordinated team. This dressing room is extremely cohesive, but you’ll need some luck as well.

“It’s a unique competition, which is why it’s so beautiful and significant – we all want to win this tournament.”

Messi’s most recent Champions League victory came in Berlin in 2015, when a Barcelona squad led by him, Neymar, and Luis Suarez defeated Juventus.

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