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FIFA is being criticized by UEFA for failing to consult on World Cup suggestions

In a thorough statement, UEFA requested more consultation with FIFA on the ideas made by the world football governing body.

UEFA has asked FIFA for more time to consult on their plans for a biennial World Cup.

FIFA, led by Arsene Wenger, it’s chief of global football development, has been pushing for the World Cup to change the format and be held every two years.

Wenger’s idea would see a big final held every year, despite the former Arsenal manager previously claiming that players would compete in another competition if the World Cup was not held.

UEFA and CONMEBOL are opposed to the proposal.
However, because of schedule difficulties, UEFA and CONMEBOL both objected to the suggestions. FIFA called a meeting of member associations earlier this week to consider the suggestions.

UEFA, on the other hand, issued a statement on Wednesday criticizing FIFA for failing to consult on a “potentially radical decision.”

“The FIFA Congress instructed the FIFA administration to perform a feasibility study on the viability of holding a Men’s and Women’s World Cup every two years in May 2021.

“UEFA assumes that the word “feasibility” encompasses all effects and consequences and includes all issues relating to the calendar, formats and access of the final and preliminary competitions; the impact on existing club and national team competitions, their sporting and commercial opportunities; the impact on players’ physical and mental health; the impact on fans, their desire to see more frequent tournaments of this standing, the sustainability for them of more frequent travelling and the impact on the broad football eco-system, by which we mean assessing the balance of opportunities that national teams from all 211 FIFA member associations would have to develop in such a radically changed scenario.”

The concern of UEFA

UEFA is also concerned about women’s competitions not receiving the attention they deserve in order to expand the sport, as well as the influence on young players and the risk of undercutting other sports.

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