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Camavinga: Paris leading the chase Rennes sets a high price tag

Credit: SPORT

According to RMC Sport, Rennes would seek €100 million for Eduardo Camavinga. Real Madrid’s interest has diminished, while PSG has contacted.

Eduardo Camavinga appears to be one of the most sought-after transfer targets this summer.

The Rennes midfielder has already propelled himself into the international limelight, attracting the attention of several of Europe’s biggest teams at the age of 18.

After failing to extend his contract with the French club beyond 2022, the teenager is ready to take the next step in his career by joining a bigger club and has hired super-agent Jonathan Barnett (better known as Gareth Bale’s agent) to assist him in making this transfer a reality.

Rennes’ executives, on the other hand, will not make things easy.

“I know his agent, Jonathan Barnett, and we meet every 15 days. We’ll get down with Eduardo now that the tournament is gone to see what we can accomplish.

We hope he will be able to continue for another year. Rennes president Nicolas Holveck recently stated, “If he does not extend his contract, a solution will have to be provided, but the priority is renewal.”

And it appears that any team interested in signing Camavinga would have to dig deep into their resources, as Rennes is expected to seek €100 million for the talented French midfielder, according to RMC.

Real Madrid and Bayern Munich have dropped out of the contest due to PSG’s proposal.
PSG is one team that might afford him. PSG’s sports director Leonardo spoke with Rennes managers a few weeks ago, and the Parisian club has already approached them.

The €100 million price tag, on the other hand, has pushed Bayern Munich and Real Madrid out of the race — and is far more than Rennes’ previous €60 million assessment.

Bayern Munich would not spend more than €25 million for a player whose contract expires next summer, while Real Madrid have ruled him out owing to the recent improvement of academy sensation Antono Blanco, as well as Modric’s contract renewal, which was announced on Tuesday.

As a result, Camavinga’s chances of wearing Madrid’s white look bleak at the moment, and even more so now, given Rennes’ unreasonable demands.

Camavinga will make a choice following the U-21 Euros.

Of course, the player will have a significant role in determining his own fate. And, according to Le Parisien, he intends to postpone his choice until after the UEFA European Under-21 Championship.

The Paris-based daily also estimates that any team that signs Camavinga would spend between €40 million and €50 million on the deal, which is less than half of Rennes’ current asking price.

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